How To Format Compare And Contrast Papers: Tips And Tricks

How To Format Compare And Contrast Papers: Tips And Tricks

Compare and contrast papers can be a tricky proposition for many students. You are expected to handle many aspects of the topic you are writing about. You are expected to discuss the differences and similarities that may exist in two or more concepts. These can take the form of characters in a novel, two forms of media amongst many other things.

These types of essays are very popular in college as they allow professors to assess their student’s ability to juggle more than one topic at once. Due to discussing several topics at one, formatting a compare and contrast paper can become a nightmare for many students. If you are looking for the answer to the question of ‘who can write my research paper for me?’ then you have arrived at the right place as we will discuss some simple tips and tricks to writing compare and contrast papers.


To fully format such a type of paper, you should be aware of what is expected of you when you write a compare and contrast paper. Essentially, you are to analyze the differences and similarities between two topics. This means that you are not expected to simply list these out, but rather, you are expected to go in depth on what makes these two subjects so different or similar. You should use this analysis to make an overarching point on the topic. If you feel that you can save time by getting someone to ‘write me a paper’ then you best bet is a writing agency.


A plan is vital in ensuring that your essay is formatted well. Thus, before you begin, it is a good idea to brainstorm ideas about the topics you could discuss. A good way to brainstorm is to write all the similarities and differences that you can see between the two subjects you are writing about.

Then, you should see which similarities and differences are most applicable to the point you aim to make during your writing. If you are struggling with finding adequate points for your paper, then you can look for an online agency that will write paper online.


The structure of your paper is extremely important in making your reader understand the similarities and differences between your subjects. If you have a bad structure, then the reader can come away not knowing what the similarities and differences are that you have discussed. The best structure of your paper is as follows:

  • Introduction: in the introduction, you should talk about the two subjects you will compare and contrast. You should not delve right into the analysis in the introduction; instead use this space to give some background context on the two concepts you will be discussing. If you need help with the introduction then it is possible to get someone online to answer your query of ‘who can do my paper?’
  • Main Body: In the main body, you will be compare and contrast the two concepts you have chosen to write about. You can go about doing this in three main ways:
    1. Subject by subject: In this method, you will talk about your main points of topic A, then your main points of topic B. After you have introduced your main points, you will then compare and contrast.
    2. Point by point: In this method, you will discuss each point separately. Ensure that your transitions between the topics are smooth.
    3. Compare then contrast: In this structure, you will compare the similarities between the two subjects then discuss the differences between them.

As you can see, there are many ways of going about formatting your compare and contrast paper. If you are interested to have ‘someone write my paper for money’, then we highly recommend that you consult a writing agency or professional paper editing services.

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