How To Format Reports: An Ultimate Manual

How To Format Reports: An Ultimate Manual

Writing a report can be a daunting prospect. Whether it’s for a top business executive or for a college essay, you should know how to properly format a report so it is easier for your reader to understand what you are discussing. Writing papers such as reports are a key skill employers look for and so it is good that you assimilate yourself with art of report writing. In this article, you will find an ultimate manual on how to format a report.

The language of a report is undoubtedly formal and any use of informal language or colloquialism should be omitted from your writing. In terms of font and size, there will usually be a requirement for at college. However, if you cannot find this, then it is recommended that your font size be at 12 and for you to use one of the default fonts available to you. When you write a paper, the presentation is of utmost importance.

Title Page
The title page of your report should make it very clear in regards to the topic you are writing about. It should include a date and your name on the front page. For longer reports, a table of contents is also needed.

The summary is extremely important when making a term paper. As the name implies, the summary should provide a brief overlook on the major points you have considered, the conclusion and the recommendations. Many people only read the summary and disregard the rest of the report, so ensure all vital information from your writing is included in this section. The summary section is also sometimes called the executive summary.

The first page of your report should be the introduction. The introduction is a chance for you to introduce the topic you are writing about. You will explain why you need to write a paper on the topic and why you are producing a report in regards to it. The introduction can also be a chance for you to introduce some background context about the topic of your report. In the introduction, you should also make readers aware of all the terms you will be using throughout your work. Try to write your introduction, outside of the definition of terms, in plain English that everyone can understand.

Main Body
This section of the report is where you will perform your analysis in the report. Whereas in the introduction you wrote in plain English, in the main body of your report, you can include jargon that is relevant to your industry. The body of your report should be split into several sections with subheadings so it is clear and easy for your reader. Information is usually arranged with the most important coming first. If necessary, you can have a discussion subsection at the end to discuss your findings and to analyze them further. Professional papers usually include this section in their main body.

The conclusion is a summary of everything that you have discussed in your report. As with the introduction, you should make this section void of any industry specific jargon, as many people will only read the introduction and conclusion of your report.

This is perhaps the most important section of your report. Explain your recommendations in order of priority, starting with the most important.

With this format, you report will be easy to read and anyone will be able to find all the information that they are looking for from your paper. Through this guide, we will have answered your query of ‘I want to write a research paper to a very high standard’.

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